Vote Rev. Ernestine Holloway for State Rep. in Connecticut

Reverend Ernestine Holloway is a lifelong defender of constitutional rights and a powerful voice of the people. Her four decades of service to others through activism and outreach show an impressive history of standing strong against tyranny in all forms. Be it through her church outreach programs, giving testimonies before legislative committees, protesting in the streets, or advocating for children and adult survivors of abuse, Ernestine’s voice bellows for the rights of the people. In her years of service to others, Ernestine has initiated and or participated in countless programs aimed at improving the quality of life for those in her community through programs such as stocked backpacks for school children and boxes of love for families during the holidays. When Ernestine is not attending legislative hearings or organizing community events, she is a voice of comfort and guidance to those she serves through her church. Ernestine has committed her life to better the lives of others, from her hometown of Brooklyn to her current home of 15 years, Meriden. Ernestine will always fight to uphold the Constitution, defend liberty, and better the lives of those in her community.

I’m running in the 82nd district and the towns of Meriden, Middlefield and Rockfall.

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