I would like to share a story about a little girl. She grew up in a house of many. She was different. Her hair didn’t look like her sisters. She was bullied because of her difference. She was big for her age. She hung out with the wrong people and the wrong places. She didn’t go to school and she played hooky. She drank and she stole. She did everything under the sun to survive. She joined a gang or a crew. She never felt wanted. The only person that loved her was God, so she thought. She drank and drank. She knows what mental slavery is. She slept in other people’s homes. She cleaned so she could have a place to stay. She lived in foster care where the grandfather tried to sleep with her. She always felt lonely and peculiar. She was loved by many as she grew older. Thank G-d for good teachers and pastors and a great community Leader and a sponsor. Their names are: Mrs. Nana Freeman, Mrs. Carol, Mrs. Dot, Mrs. Jackie Green. Mrs. Jefferson. Mrs. Quintana. Mrs. Marleen, Mrs. Mary, Mrs. Lawrence, Momma Bright, and Titi Betsy Perez, her sponsor Cruzo and her Abuela. She got her life together went to a church called Yogi Bear Metro Ministries. I want say thank you to Apostle Bill Wilson and Apostle Annabelle Thompson. They trained her to become a pastor from an earlier age. When she went to school no one ever asked her what she wanted to be. So when she told the principal Ed Reynold she wanted to become a pastor, he was shocked. So she went to school for the disabled. She had a child out of wedlock. Her daughter saved her life. But she still wasn’t happy. When she became a pastor, that was the happiest day of her life. She was clean and her dreams came true. She is grateful for what y’all called the projects. It saved her life. That’s, when all them crazy boards her mom and Nana Freeman made her be on, became useful. She also survived cancer and had to learn how to walk again. She also survived Kidney disease and lots of hospital stays. She also stayed in three shelters and survived domestic violence just. When she thought the hardship was over she had a fire and lost everything. Her daughter became very ill but made it. Only because all her life struggles, she became who she is today. This woman was once a crazy little girl and a mixed-up rebellious teenager. Let me introduce her to you. By the grace of G-D, her name is Rev. Ernestine Holloway. So never give up!! Never give in. It’s never too late to change your narrative. These are some of the reasons why I fight for children and seniors as I do. This is why I’m a fighter and I’ll fight for you. I am a voice for the voiceless. I’m a domestic violence advocate a children’s advocate and a senior advocate. I’m also a street pastor. I AM NOT PERFECT and I have the battle scars to prove it. The same zeal and passion I had to make it through is the same passion I will use to defend you as a State Rep. Thank you!

I’m running in the 82nd district and the towns of Meriden, Middlefield and Rockfall.

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