Reverend Ernestine Holloway has been a lifelong defender of the Constitution and a powerful voice for the people. 

Her four decades of service through activism and outreach show an impressive history of advocating for children, adult survivors of abuse, workers rights, human rights and the Constitution itself. 

Ernestines altruistic endeavors include but are not limited to

—The after school snack program 

— Boxes of Love, providing 3,000 families in need with holiday meals

—Volunteering with the Gaurdian Angels making train rides in Brooklyn safer 

— Picketing with Union workers from 1199 

— Protesting the addition of prisons into nearby neighborhoods 

— Protesting for fair treatment of the homeless 

— The stocked backpack program which equipped 3,000 children in need with school supplies that set them up for success 

— Volunteering as an outreach pastor lending guidance and support to anyone in need

—Devoting countless hours to public hearing testimonies reminding legislators of their oath to uphold the Constitution. Ernestine is no stranger to the legislative process in Ct. She shows up and speaks for the people every time there is an overreaching bill introduced. 

—Organizing community events such as cookouts, ice cream socials and basketball tournaments 

— Working at the local food pantry 

—Missionary work under Pastor Bill Williams of Metro World Child Ministries 

—Holding positions on the Boards of 

—- The NYC Tenants Association

—- The NYC Housing Board 

—- Mayor David Dinkins Youth Advisory Board

—-Vice President of the Parent Advisory Board 

—- Vice President of the CT Republican Assembly 

As her resume suggests, Ernestine has been on a mission to help better the lives of those in her community since childhood, from her hometown of Brooklyn, around the world, to her current home of 15 years, Meriden. 

She is a voice for the voiceless, the ignored and the forgotten. 

Ernestine will help anyone who comes to her in need in any way she can. 

Be it through Outreach programs, standing for liberty and defending the constitution, protesting for human rights or advocating for children, Ernestines voice bellows for the rights of the people 

You can count on Ernestine to always uphold the Constitution and advocate for YOU.