Approved by Ernestine Holloway

Approved by Ernestine Holloway 

Treasurer Qunanda Holloway

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I certify that I am NOT a principal of a state contractor or prospective state contractor.

I certify that I am either a United States citizen or a foreign national with permanent resident status in the United States.

I certify that I have provided my residential address.

I certify that this contribution is being made on my personal debit or credit card for which I have legal obligation to pay and intend to pay from my own personal funds, is not being reimbursed in any manner, is not being made as a loan, and is not an otherwise prohibited contribution and that payment is not made from the funds of a corporation, labor organization, or any other entity.

I hereby certify that all information disclosed by me on this contributor form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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