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Guys and Friends!

I sinned today.

I always said I would never (and never means NEVER) contribute to a political candidate anywhere in this state.

You know. Connecticut. A state where you can’t tell a Democrat from a Republican in most cases. A state so stupidly corrupt where the governor self-deals and racketeers with a consulting group as legislators stand by silent. A state that if it were any more business unfriendly, it would be flat out commercially hateful. A state with wasteland cities. High taxes. A bloated state flagship university that has lost its tax exemption.

(Or would you like for me to go on about the Dalio partnership?)

Mind us all, even all of the above (and that is not CLOSE to all) required a team effort of both political parties to bring about.

One party offended, while the other enabled. My show example is its like two parents at a bar. One is a bad drunk, while the other sips Martinis and tries to get the other to leave.

So I had had it with local politics. Until I met this young lady who wants to make a change.

Personally, I think she’s crazy. I told her that I didn’t think anyone could begin to change this mess.

Until I spoke to her and found her pure in heart and motive.

I still think she is crazy. But now I believe she is just crazy enough to change things. And we need her. And we need more like her.

Her name is Ernestine Holloway. And I made a donation to her today.

And I would like you to do the same.

And she needs it this week.

Can you help? Tell her you can.

Give her a shot. And give her a donation.

-Tony Deangelo

Click here to donate to Ernestine Holloway’s campaign fund!

Don’t let her down!